Eurogroup gets more transparent – a reaction to DiEM25?

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Just a day after Yanis Varoufakis launched its DiEM25 movement in Berlin, it seemed to some that it already sparked a reaction in the EU. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the President of the Eurogroup (the informal meeting place of the head of states of the Eurozone), announced a step towards more transparency in this institution.

Since DiEM25 routes for more transparency, too, I asked Dijsselbloem’s spokesperson, Michel Reijns, if this a reaction to the demands of the newly founded movement. He answered:

„No, the eurogroup president wants this and he got a lot of support from the ministers for his initiative. It’s a matter of improving the legitimacy of the Eurogroup and enhance its external communication vis-à-vis the public, and the European and national Parliaments.“

While at it, I asked as well, if Dijsselbloem wants to go even further with transparency and consider fulfilling the demands of DiEM25, namely live-streaming the meetings of the Euro Group. I added: „If yes, when? If no, why not?“ His answer:

„Live-streaming is not one of the proposals. We are not considering this at this stage.“

So sadly, he didn’t say why, so I asked him for the reason again.

I’m now waiting for the answer and update this article as soon as possible.

Update 12.2.2016, 23:22

I’ve got mail. This was the answer:

„The Eurogroup is an informal body of 19 countries and four institutions. These steps we could make quite easily. Let’s see what could be possible in the future. For now these are important steps and we are happy with it.“

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